Common Water Heater Issues

Just like any other electrical product, water heaters are prone to breakdown. And when they do, they may cause havoc in any household because they are used to perform an array of household tasks. Therefore, it's important to act quickly in case your water heater shows any of the following signs;

No hot water
One of the most common reasons that may lead to an electric water heater failure is the tripping of the electric circuit’s breakers, and you should first check the breaker box. If the problem does not lie with the circuit breakers, then the heating elements may have failed and require replacement.
Conversely, if your water heater is gas-powered, the most likely problem of the heating failure can be attributed to the blowing out of the pilot light. The problem can be as a result of a faulty thermocouple or a faulty pilot control valve.

Too little hot water
If your water heater is producing too little of the hot water, then there must be a problem with the water tank. In most instances, this problem is addressed by turning up the temperatures on the tank`s thermostat. However, ensure that you`re careful when turning on the temperatures as this can be a scalding hazard.

Smelly water
Smelly water is associated with the infestation of bacteria. You can easily detect this problem due to the rotten egg-type odor emanating from the heater. The problem can be solved by flushing the entire tank and filling it with a solution of clean water laced with Hydrogen Peroxide. Allow the tank to sit for hours, and then flush it with clean water. If the odor persists, you can call a professional plumbing contractor to address the issue.

Noisy water tank
A noisy water tank is credited to either of the following reasons; your tank has sediments at the bottom, or the heating elements of your water heater are burning the sediments. Draining the whole water tank and then refilling it with clean water will do the trick. Alternatively, you can schedule a regular maintenance with a plumbing contractor that will ensure that your water heater is free from such glitches.

Leaking tank
Once your water heater begins to leak, it`s time that you completely overhauled or replaced the system. Leaks, even the smallest ones, are irritating and not something you want to ignore. You certainly do not want to have a 40 or60 liter water gallon leaking into your utility rooms. At first sight of a leak, contact a plumbing contractor; it`s not a DIY project.

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